Darren Morris

Darren Morris – Realtor

I am more than satisfied as client of Shockley Tax Advisory. Kimberly has always had a very personal approach to my CPA needs. She suggested forming an S-Corporation to save even more money. She’s very knowledgeable.

I am a small business owner. I needed help all across the board! First, she advised me on my corporate setup. With her her assistance, I decided to become an S-corporation to take advantages of some of the new tax laws. She also helped me get on track with my estimated tax payments and took care of all my bookkeeping needs.

Bryan Been

Bryan Beene – Realtor
Bryan Been Realtor Testimonial Shockley Tax Advisory[/caption] I am amazed with her gift of knowledge for the tax system. She has educated me on changes I could make to better benefit my situation and even found a mistake made by a previous preparer that procured a refund of past taxes. I highly recommend Kimberly for anything to do with taxes.

Tax Consultation

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